4.00PM – Opening Remarks by Moderator,
Infographic Video

Melvin Leong

Environment & Building Technologies, Asia Pacific
Global Head of Buildings Programme
Frost & Sullivan

4.05PM – Remodeling FM with Data Science

Dr Clayton Miller

Assistant Professor
School of Design and Environment
National University of Singapore


Many sectors, such as Finance, Retail, Sports & Health and Medical Care have capitalised extensively on Smart Solutions powered by Data Science methodologies. The Built Environment has been slow in this respect. In this session, Dr Clayton will share how Data Science-powered solutions can be designed and deployed in the various operations and activities of the construction and FM sectors. This will help to accelerate the Digital Transformation that the Built Environment is currently embarking on.

4.20PM – Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Data Logistics Solutions
for the Built Environment

Stephen Ho

Group COO, SkyLab Holding Pte Ltd
Managing Director, SkyLab Services Pte Ltd


Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions, leveraging on cloud and edge computing, in conjunction with data
analytics, are increasingly being implemented in Smart Buildings and Facilities. However, the benefits offered by IIoT and edge computing in these domains are not well understood by the industry. Stephen Ho will share key value propositions of IIoT, Edge Computing and Data Logistics in the Smart Built Environment sector, and how they can enable the smooth, effective and efficient management of buildings and facilities.

4.35PM – Turning Your Data into Digital Assets:
What Developers, Facility Owners and Managers
Should Know About the Real Value of their Digital Assets

Sam Tay

Founder & CEO
Aptiv8 IT Solutions Pte Ltd


The industry is bent on transforming itself through digitalisation in the coming years – but just how much value are we deriving from this effort? Sam Tay will share with developers, facility owners and managers how the Smart Digitalisation of their business processes and assets can maximise the benefits and value of their digital assets throughout their lifecycles. He will also share on how this is happening through the convergence of BIM, Open Common Data Environments, Cloud Computing, IoT and Big Data.

4.50PM – Powering the Digital Economy –
The Rise of Data Centres and their Challenges to FM

Dr Poh-Seng (PS) Lee, PhD, FIES

Centre for Energy Research and Technology (CERT)
National University of Singapore;
Founder, CoolestDC


The digital economy’s world-wide boom is driving an exponential growth of Data Centres (DCs). But how will the industry deal with their huge carbon footprints? Dr PS Lee will share his expertise on a key trend – the relentless push for DCs to be low-carbon. This will impact how such facilities are designed, constructed, operated and managed. This presentation will highlight the pursuit of renewal sources of energy and innovative, super-efficient cooling systems in the new generation of low carbon DCs, especially in the tropical Southeast Asian region.

5.05PM – Q&A Session

5.25PM – Introduction to iFAME 2021
by Cheah Wai Hong, Project DIrector, CEMS

5.30PM – Closing Remarks by Moderator / End of Webinar