Chris Chan
Enterprise Business Group,
5G Solutions Delivery Lead

Drive Sustainable and Smarter Facilities Management with 5G and IOT

With the growing emphasis on sustainability, real estate and facility managers need to leverage technological innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G to generate critical data and insights in order to improve environmental performance and achieve long-term growth. Implementing a sound and solid IoT ecosystem has now become a necessity, even more so for asset owners with multiple properties. In this presentation, uncover key strategies to drive sustainable and smarter facilities management, and learn how to get started on your IoT journey with minimum outlay and quick results.

Chris leads the Enterprise Business Group’s (5G Solutions Delivery team), where he manages the 5G IoT team to implement sensor data into StarHub’s 5G IoT Platform across various verticals from Building Management and Fleet Monitoring to Warehouse and Logistics Management.

As a proven project leader, he also oversees all planning and strategic data management to identify insights from huge data volumes across multiple systems. Chris’ expertise in managing finances to maximise revenue and ability to establish excellent team dynamics saw a successful launch of the StarHub 5G IoT Platform. He also led an analytics project where he monitored the occupancy, financial arrears and performed geospatial analytics to optimise overall performance.

Dean Reinhard
Technical Account Manager
Epic Games

Immersive VR / AR / XR for FM

Dean Reinhard is an evangelist and technical account manager for Epic Games in Southeast Asia and leads the company’s growth in non-game markets such as AEM (Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing) and M&E (Media & Entertainment). As a technologist, engineer and developer for over 10 years, Dean is passionate about helping everyone – business leaders, product designers, entertainers, or architects – hone their creativity through cutting-edge technology. He has helped to generate a range of different projects for clients, while winning multiple awards across VR / AR and physical prototyping in the process. In his current role at Epic Games, Dean will be driving the use of Unreal Engine especially in the non-games sector, helping companies elevate and disrupt the way creative teams work.

Sunil Kumar
Building Performance and Sustainability (ASEAN),
Siemens Singapore

Pathways to Decarbonisation

A comprehensive energy management approach together with digitalisation that is well-supported by innovative financial solutions can accelerate the pace that ESG needs for the sustainable world.

Sunil is an expert in energy and sustainability management with 20 years of professional experience. Sunil is a passionate advocate for sustainability in business, particularly in implementing advanced data-driven smart energy solutions. He has a diverse skill set in building sustainable strategies that balance people, planet and profit. He has held management roles in multinational and multicultural environments. In his present role at Siemens, he is responsible for helping customers achieve their ESG agenda, specially focused on energy and sustainability targets, where he is embarking on optimising the performance of built environment and adaptation of smart infrastructure with innovative financial solutions.

Kenneth Lee
CEO & Founder
Green Koncepts Pte Ltd

Driving Sustainability & Smart FM with IoT

There will be 40 billion connected devices by 2027, producing 95 Zetabyes of data. Most of these sensors will be deployed in the built environment. This will fuel the rise of advanced analytics and AI algorithms to create smart urban environments. Businesses that can leverage such data will reap energy and productivity savings, mitigating both knowledge gaps and labour shortages, as the global population ages, while retaining precious knowledge within intelligent systems.

As sustainability becomes embedded in daily operations and are no longer restricted to boardroom talk, businesses that embrace digital and IoT will reap significant benefits to optimise energy usage and emerge stronger. Likewise, the use of data to drive Smart FM operations will reap operational efficiency, improve quality standards and overcome manpower shortages – transforming manual tasks into supervisory and management functions through the use of AI.

Hear from Kenneth on how businesses can start using IoT to begin their digital transformation journey with practical examples, supported by results from real-life customer adoptions.

Founder and CEO of Green Koncepts, Kenneth Lee is instrumental in charting the strategic direction of the company. Through his expertise and training in the field of IT, Communications and Engineering, and through technological innovation and keen business strategy, he has built a company that uses cloud computing to create smart urban environments that connect, analyse and manage data in real time – from disparate building management systems, sensors, meters, controllers and other IoT devices through an open and interoperable platform. In recognition of his leadership and contribution to the urban sustainability field, Kenneth was honoured as a 2014 World Cities Summit Young Leader, where he joins urban thought leaders worldwide to actively catalyse change in cities, help create and shape sustainable environments.

Melvin Leong
Director, Environment & Building Technologies, Asia Pacific;
Global Head of Buildings Programme
Frost & Sullivan

Melvin Leong is a Director with the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Environment & Building Technologies Practice. He has 14 years of industry experience tracking water and building markets in both research and consulting projects. Melvin has undertaken several research studies and consulting projects in key areas of building technologies and water. His project focus includes water and wastewater treatment in both municipal and industrial applications (desalination, MBR, smart water system, residential water filters etc.) and Buildings (smart and green buildings, smart cities, prefabricated buildings, facilities management, homes and building energy management, etc).


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